Subject: Re: panic: cannot mount root - current
To: None <>
From: Brian Moore <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/15/1994 01:31:05
> Um, if your kernel is not finding any devices on boot, you *must* have
> done something wrong.  Did you rebuild, install, and rerun the new
> config(8) sources?

Now, are you saying that we should be using, or config?  I
recompilied everything from the 3/13 sources ( make clean, make obj, make, mae
intall at /usr/src ), then I use 'config MUNCHKERN' and make depend to build up
a kernel.  During the 'make depend', it claims about ../../i386/conf.c: can't
find dcfclk.h.  Sure enough, it's in conf.c, but config isn't generating it.  
Now when I use, it's error-city ( syntax errors everywhere, and
complaining about my definition of wdc0 )  The last kernel I built using
config ( 2/27 sources ) worked great.  Am I just missing the obvious, or are
we really supposed to be using

Thanks again,
Brian Moore