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From: (Brian Buhrow)
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 1994 12:45:28 -0800
Subject: DISKTAB

	I have come to love the disktab mechanism for labeling and partitioning
disks.  In an environment where we want to manage a large number of similar
disks, it is extremely nice to be able to write one label for all the disks
you want and then just put that label on the floppy you use for disk
labeling.  As more and more types of drives get into your library, you
compile an extremely valuable resource with your disktab file.  As long as
you have it, you can re-label any of your disks in an identical fashion to
the way it was labeled before and not worry about whether or not your
zorched your partitions.  In addition, you can see the geometry of any
drive in your library without having to scramble to the machine and do a
disklabel command.
	I don't know if anyone has plans on dropping the current labeling scheme, but 
I would encourage you to stick with the current labeling scheme.