Subject: vm_fault crashes?
To: None <>
From: Michael Graff <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/14/1994 06:55:38
I seem to be getting vm_fault crashes both on (i386/current) and
on my home machine, packrat (i486/current)

This has been going on for a week or so now on packrat, but I suspected
my recent kernel hacking to be the problem.  However, now that junkbox
has the same problem when I finally brought it to the current level (just
supped source) I'm fairly sure I'm not breaking things too much  ;)

Anyhow, I get this crash on junkbox a *lot* -- to compile a new kernel
takes three or four reboots.  It seems to happen a lot when accessing
stuff via NFS.

Also, packrat does not crash with this message as much when I'm not
using NFS directories.

Packrat *is* having a problem where it fails to compile code with several
error messages (usually as if some input or temporary file is truncated)
and simply rerunning make will make it go again.

Anyone else seeing this, or are my sources corrupted again?