Subject: Re: Problem with the 3/7 sources.
To: None <>
From: Scott Reynolds <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/13/1994 12:31:27
On Sun, 13 Mar 1994, Yeng-Chee Su wrote:

> > In the next few days, i'm going to provide a means where people can
> > almost-permanently wire their 'com'-driven tty ports to have CLOCAL,
> > CRTSCTS, or 'software carrier' set.  That should help some.
> > 
>   Would you please make it Sun compatible?  I modify the com.c if it's
> open with minor(dev)>=128, the COM_SW_SOFTCAR is set automatically, and
> it will be reset when close.

As a side note, there is at least one other OS that does a similar thing 
-- SCO XENIX allows one to open a port with a (minor#+128) without 
carrier detected.  The FAS driver for SysV based UNIX versions has a 
comparable minor device -> port behavior setup.  I'll support such an 
idea in NetBSD unless there is a good philosophical reason against it.