Subject: Re: Problem with the 3/7 sources.
To: Yeng-Chee Su <>
From: Chris G. Demetriou <cgd@postgres.Berkeley.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 03/13/1994 07:52:15
(replies set to me only; pointless to reply to the list.)

>   Would you please make it Sun compatible?  I modify the com.c if it's
> open with minor(dev)>=128, the COM_SW_SOFTCAR is set automatically, and
> it will be reset when close.

In the same breath, you ask for two different things.

softcar for ports above 128 != SunOS 'cua' behaviour.
softcar *completely* masks the ability to detect hardware carrier.
unless i'm mistaken, SunOS 'cua's (1) allow you to detect hardware
carrier, (2) just ignore it until carrier is actually detected.
That is, it's like CLOCAL until real carrier is detected.  (if
this interpretation is wrong, somebody correct me; my conception
of this interface may guide my future developments...)

> This make me can use cua0, cua1 for dial-out
> service and tty00,tty01 for dialin service.

no, what you asked above has very little to do with *that* behaviour;
to allow you to to the cua0/tty00 thing, you need locking, etc.

Well, folks, though i've tried to run, and tried to hide, it looks
like the 'com' driver has once again dropped into my lap.