Subject: dcfclk.h and reboots
To: None <>
From: John C. Hayward <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/12/1994 15:24:36
Dear NetBSDers,
   After getting a working pccons.c for my gateway and fixing my supfile 
I decided to get the source of my system up to current.
   I picked up and installed the latest config.
   I cleared out the directory in compile.
   I ran config on my configuration file (I added option FSF, NFSCLIENT 
   and NFSSERVER).
   did a make depend and make in the new directory and got an error 
   complaining when compiling conf.c about missing dcfclk.h
   I found this in another direcotry which had been made with an older 
   After copying over the file I was then able to make.
   I had the same results with GENERICAHA configuration file.

   I checked the date on conf.c and config and they appear to be the latest.

   Did something get left out of config which should cause the generation of
   of this file?

   In addition now when I boot the computer I get a message indicating a time
out time which did not appear before.

The system reboots automaticly about the place I used to get the extra 
interupt message.  I can't really tell what message might be there 
because it clears the screen too fast and reboots again.

   I guess it is possible using the dcfclk.h file from another configuration
might be a reason the reboots occure.

   Anyone else having similar problems?