Subject: NetBSD-Feb12-i386: nfs broken?
To: None <>
From: Simon J. Gerraty <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/12/1994 20:30:55
Ok,  my sun386i is back on my net after having its motherboard, disk
and just about everything else replaced!  Waste of money? You bet but
that's insurance companies :-)

Anyway, one of the tests that I did at Sun before accepting the
machine as repaird was the following test of nfs:

386i: mount server:/local /local
cd /local
cp /vmunix .
cp vmunix vmunix2

and then on the server:
cd /local
cmp vmunix vmunix2

if the cmp is ok, then both nfs read and write is working ok.

The sun386i passed the test using a Sun SPARCstation as the server.
I've just repreated the test using zen (NetBSD) as the server and the
cmp fails!

I also did (on the server):

rcp sun386i:/vmunix rcp.vmunix
and also grabbed it via ftp.

cmp ftp.vmunix rcp.vmunix was fine which suggests the network hardware
on both machines is ok.

So only NFS fails and it looks like NetBSD at fault.  

Anyone noticed similar problems? 
Any ideas as to how to attack this? 

BTW I'm using if_ed and a WD8003EBT (I think :-)
I tried using rsize/wsize of 1024 too, but it didn't help, just slowed
things down a lot.