Subject: Re: keyboard doesn't work with current kernel
To: Roland McGrath <>
From: John C. Hayward <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/11/1994 16:04:26
On Mon, 7 Mar 1994, Roland McGrath wrote:

> I supped today and rebuilt my kernel.  With the new kernel my keyboard
> does not work at all.  At some point during the boot sequence (during
> the probe messages), the Num Lock light comes on; but that is all.  At
> no time do characters echo or get to the console driver (or X, when I
> start it from another terminal), nor does the Num Lock key toggle the
> light (didn't try the others).
> I have a Gateway 2000 4DX2-66V (the JX-30 motherboard, I believe), and
> their AnyKey keyboard.
> Going back to my kernel built from sources current on Feb 17, all is well.

I think this is related to the keystroke required on boot problem reported
much earlier.  

I found that by disabling the reset keyboard code in pccons.c that things
would work without typing a key while rebooting.  This fix worked for me
until the new version of pccons.c came out.

I now find that if I disable the reset keyboard code in the new pccons.c
_and_ disable the polling code in kbd_cmd in the new pccons.c things almost
work as they should.  The numeric lock light is on when rebooting (it should
be go off and it acts like it is off).  One keystroke on numeric lock
leave the light on and it now works as if it's on.

If I use the old kbd_cmd code for the updating of the LEDs in do_async_update
that the light does go out like it should on reboot and everything works
as far properly as I can tell.

This is on a Gateway 2000 4Dx-33V machine.

My guess is that the 'polling' of the keyboard result after a command is
issued is not getting along with the Gateway hardware.  The earlier version
of kbd_cmd did not check the results following a command (except in the
reset keyboard code - which had to be disabled to get my machine to boot
without typing a key during boot).

If you want the diffs from the current pccons.c and what works on my machine
send e-mail.