Subject: Re: gets()
To: Alan Barrett <>
From: John F. Woods <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/11/1994 09:59:13
Just for argument's sake, the problem with the "separate library"
approach is that it gives an easy out for lazy programmers; "add
-lgoddamned_stupid_broken_gets to the LDFLAGS line" will become
part of the lore of how to port programs to NetBSD, and will almost
certainly become built-in to GNU's configure script.  Having played
Language Lawyer on comp.*.c for a long time, I'm all too familiar
with the the class of programmers who literally don't care if something
is correct as long as it "works" _once_ on their machine.  I actually
think the ideal scheme would be to take the linker-warning approach,
but have ld prompt for permission to continue rather than simply printing
a diagnostic (legal by ANSI C, it's part of the implementation-defined
diagnostic process).  Upon doing so, ld completes the link while shooting
gouts of flame out the CRT screen, enveloping the developer (you have to
finish the link, it's a conforming program, but again anything's fair
in a diagnostic "message" if it's documented).  Of course, the additional
hardware to support this feature might be a bit expensive.