Subject: Thanks + a question
To: None <>
From: Rafal Boni <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/10/1994 14:56:08
First of all, let me say that having upgraded from 0.8 straight to the 
March 5th current, I'm deeply impressed...

After updating the wd driver [date on new wd is Mar 10, 10:55 or something
to that effect, cen't remember rev. #] things are once again working great.

Well, maybe one exception... The new com code seems to be buggering me.

My problem:
	Mar 5 GENERICAHA kernel from the binary snapshot let me use my com
	ports with no problem.  After updating com.c to rev 1.21, I cannot
	open a com port without the machine going to sleep on me.

My ideas:
	The com ports seem to be locking in the "wait for carrier" loop, since
	after having inserted printf's in the com.c code, this is the last one 
	I see...

My question:
	What magic incantation do I need to get the com port to open without
	waiting for carrier, that wasn't necessary in the Mar. 5th kernel??
	Not only can I no longer run tip, but my getty fails to put up the 
	login banner and stuff on my local terminal...

NOTE: My diagnosis here could be all wrong, since I understand very little of
the com stuff... But that's what it looked like to me


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