Subject: current binary files
To: None <>
From: Yeng-Chee Su <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/09/1994 22:39:29
  I've built NetBSD-current binary tree and make them into tar.gz files to
simplify the upgrade effort.  You can find these files on netbsd.csie.nctu. ( under /pub/NetBSD/current-upgrade.  Those files are
seperated into 12 files as the listing below.  All the binary are compiled
with FPU support.  This means you need FPU or 486DX and above to use these

  bin.tar.gz	including those files under /bin
  etc.tar.gz	including those files under /etc /root /.profile /.cshrc
  games.tar.gz	including those files under /usr/games
  include.tar.gz including those files under /usr/include
  lib.tar.gz	including those files under /usr/lib /usr/libexec/
  libexec.tar.gz including those files under /usr/libexec
  misc.tar.gz	including those miscellenous directory trees such as /var
  sbin.tar.gz	including those files under /sbin
  share.tar.gz	including those files under /usr/share
  sys.tar.gz	including the current kernel source, only i386 and sparc
  usr.bin.tar.gz including those files under /usr/bin
  usr.sbin.tar.gz including those files under /usr/sbin

  All the files are seperated into two format.  One is .tar.gz and is put
under tar_file.  There are some date directory there which stores the
date compiled respectively.  The other format is in split tar format which
is stored under floppies directory.  This is convenient for floppy install.
The split tar file consists only the up-to-date version.  In addition to
upgrade from 0.9, I added a NetBSD 0.9a installation diskette directly.
There are three floppies under /pub/NetBSD/current-upgrade/floppies,
kc-aha-09a.fs, inst1-09a.fs and inst2-09a.fs.  They stands for the
standard NetBSD 0.9 installation diskette respectively.  Also, I simplfy
some installation procedure.  For example, the installed drive has default
geometry parameter now.  The root and swap partition size have default
size too.  In addition, you just type 'install' after you can access all
12 tar.gz files to install NetBSD-current.  The upgrade procedure is listed
below.  I will update all these files periodly.

****  IMPORTANT  ****
  This is not an official release for NetBSD and I am not one of the core
team member.  All these files are supplied for those who would like to
upgrade to 0.9a and I DON'T promise any warrenty.  BACKUP YOUR IMPORTANT

<upgrade procedure>
  1.  First of all, you need to get all these 12 files.  netbsd.csie.nctu. supports both anonymous ftp and fsp service.  Get all of them
      by your preferred method.
  PS: Due to heavily loaded on the link between Taiwan <-> US, it might be
      very slow for oversea users.
  2.  If you got the split tar files, they should be system.a[a-n].  The last
      file depends on the size of the compiled version.  Copy all of them 
      into harddisk and use 'cat system.* | tar xf -' to extract them.
  3.  The first file should be extracted is lib.tar.gz which consists the
      shared library and linking loader.  Extract it by the following steps.
        zcat lib.tar.gz | (cd / ; tar xpf -)
        mv /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/
        mv /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/
        mv /usr/libexec/ /usr/libexec/
  PS: The above three files are renamed to prevent to overwrite the original
      shared object while they are using.
  4.  Extract all others by the following csh script.
	foreach i (bin etc games include libexec misc sbin share sys \
	 usr.bin usr.sbin)
		zcat $i.tar.gz | (cd /; tar --unlink -xpf -)
  5.  Reset all the original setting in /etc and crontab.

  PS:  If you don't want to lose the setting of /etc, you don't need to 
       extract etc.tar.gz.  However, you still need to backup the crontabs.

  6.  Rebuild kernel by the supllied kernel source to comes with other

<New installation procedure>
  1.  Prepare three formatted diskette for kc-aha-09a.fs, inst1-09a.fs and
      inst2-09a.fs.  Use rawrite to write these file system into floppies
      on MS-DOS.  You can get rawrite on many archive sites or on netbsd.
  2.  Use kc-aha-09a.fs to boot the PC.  When the system want a file system
      diskette, replace kc-aha-09a.fs with inst1-09a.fs and press any key
      to continue.
  3.  Press 'y' to start installation.  Now answer the drive type which
      you would like to install the NetBSD.  Follow the question and give
      it proper answer until it prompt for 'yes/no'.  This is the non-return
      point if you press 'yes'.  The hard disk will be overwritten by new
      file system.  If you mis-enter some data, press <ctrl>-C now and
      use <ctrl>-D to restart the installation procedure.
  4.  You can set the installation verbosely or not.  After finish copying
      files, type 'halt' for next step.
  5.  Use kc-aha-09a.fs as the boot diskette again.  This time you DON'T
      replace the diskette when the system prompt for file system.  Just
      press any key to continue.
  6.  Press 'copy' to copy the kernel file to the hard drive.  Answer the
      installed drive number such as wd0 or sd0.  After finish copying
      kernel, the system will halt itself.
  7.  Now the hard disk should be able to boot itself.  Boot by hard drive
      this time.  Whenever it prompt for disk, insert inst2-09a.fs into
      floppy driver.  Enter 0 for drive A and 1 for drive B. Again, you
      can choose the copy to be verbose or not.  After finish copying,
      halt the system and reboot again.
  8.  Now you have a simple NetBSD now.  The next step is to extract all
      of other tar files.  If you need to get the file by network, just
      set the network parameter by ifconfig and route.  Use ftp or mount
      to get all of them.  If you use floppies to install (I do), use
      load_fd to read all of them from floppies.  Use 'cat system.* |
      tar xf -' to extract them into 12 tar files.
  9.  Change current directory to the location of tar files, just enter
      'install'.  It will ask you the temporary directory.  It is the
      location of 12 tar files.  Then it will extract all of them.  After
      extraction, it will ask some question about the system parameter
      such as hostname, IP address, gateway and name server address.
 10.  Reboot the system and compile your own kernel now.

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