Subject: Re: PowerPC plans
To: Drew Hess <>
From: Adam Glass <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/08/1994 16:27:16
> Is anyone looking into a PowerPC port of NetBSD?  Some issues:

a few of us have explored the issues.  As usual the primary problem is
getting a machine(s).  Usually one to two are necessary for a port.

> 	a. gcc would have to be upgraded to 2.5.x to get the PPC backend 
> 	   (or could the backend be migrated to 2.4.x?  I don't know enough
> 	   about gcc to say....)

not a big deal.
> 	b. it would be nice to port to PReP, but since it's not clear when
> 	   such machines will actually ship (if ever), I guess the initial
> 	   target would be the PowerMacs.  What portion of the MacBSD port
> 	   could be used towards this?  That is, to what extent is the
> 	   MacBSD port tied into the 68k?

Likely the problem with the PowerMacs would be the lack of an open
architecture.  In that respect PRep is much more appealing.  I don't
know anything about the mac68k port other than the fact that they'e
had to do lots of detective work to account for Apple's unwillingness
to provide hardware information and the miriad of different
(internally) models.

> 	c. a PPC port could be leveraged onto a POWER/rs6k port; if ever
> 	   there was a nice hardware platform in need of a decent OS....

A lot of stuff could be leveraged from the mach3 rs6k port.
Supposedly this code was going to be freed up but I haven't seen it.

> I would be interested in helping on this port, assuming I could get my hands
> on a machine.
> -dwh-

Well buy us a machine or two :)

Seriously, if you are interested in a port to a particular
architecture/machine then you can either:

	Do the port yourself, w/ some techinical assistance from the
	authors of previous ports.

or 	Come forward with the hardware in hand, looking for someone(s) to do
	the port.  We have a stable of people with porting experience,
	some of whom are interested in doing new ports.  If the port
	is intriguing enough, you'll have no trouble finding porters.

	Anyway, if you feel you are in this situation, contact the
	us and we will see what we can do/arrange.

Adam Glass