Subject: Re: One KUDOS, one bug...
To: None <>
From: Mark P. Gooderum <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/08/1994 16:01:32
System info.

I've been running with the kernel sources from March 6th.

I've never seen the problems.  I've got a unbuffered IDE/Floppy/Multi-I/O
board of indeterminate Taiwanese origin (the original system is a KLH).
With the current kernel, I continue to not have problems.  I've
variously run with one and two IDE drives.  It's an Amd386/40 system
with 64k caches and AMI bios.  I've got the AT wait states set to 1 
(the Bios won't let me set it to 0).

The only minor trash is see is an almost continual intermittant uncaught
irq 7 (lpt1 if I remember).

I may have seen the console version of the tty problem, but I'm not sure,
something on my hardware may be out of wack.  Sometimes right after
syslog output, the screen will flake out with charecters showing up in
an odd but somewhat ordered pattern.  Funny thing is, it never happens under
DOS and it only happens under Unix when I've got a lot of other output and
I get a syslog message.  Sometimes when rebooting after this I get 4 beeps
and no boot.

PS...anyone out there hacking on a driver for the AIC-6260/6360 chips such as
are used in some of the nicely priced multimedia boards?  Yeah, Adaptec sucks
for info, but there is a Linux driver to use for reference.
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