Subject: Re: keyboard doesn't work with current kernel
To: None <,>
From: Shao Ai Wu <m-sw2360@HAPPY.CS.NYU.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 03/08/1994 16:05:36
>>My computer:
>>   o Intel LP486DX/33 + Overdrive66, 8MB, IDE HD, 3c503, Phoenix BIOS
>                                                          ^^^^^^^^^^^^
>Here's the problem; the keyboard hang seems to strike Phoenix BIOS
>machines and/or machines that use a PS/2 mouse port (interaction w/pms
>>     1.00.07.S0.  Uses a i8742AH, EPROM Program 506425-001 V1.00.1.  PS/2
>>     Style Connector. 
>I don't have more detailed part numbers available, but the keyboard
>controller on my Gateway 2K DX266V's Micronics JX-30 motherboard is an
>Intel i8242, with the label "(C) Phoenix '91" on it.
I don't if this is related, I have the keyboard hang problems 
with NeXTStep before; the machine I had was also a Gateway 486DX-33 ISA.
I first thought it was the problem with the Gateway programmable   
keyboard, then I replaced with the IBM PS/2 keyboard.  The same
problem was still there.

The same keyboard hanging problem also happen with NextStep 3.2. 
I later found a tech-note from Next said something like
the the keyboard hanging was due to the fact that the PS/2 
Keyboard port was dectected but without a PS/2 Mouse.  To solve
the NeXt keyboard hanging problem was not to load the PS/2 
mouse driver.

I hope this is somewhat related to the topic, and certainly
hope it helps.

Best Regard,

Shao Wu