Subject: Re: One KUDOS, one bug...
To: Sean McDermott <>
From: John F. Woods <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/08/1994 10:28:49
> > the bug...I was a happy tcsh user until I upgraded today (supped 
> > yesterday afternoon, built all night)...I open up a telnet window on my 
> > xterm, and log in...and do 'ls' and it looks like:
> > yuri (thorpej) ~ 12% ls
> > total 74
> >          2 Mailers/      2 amdstuff/     2 mail/         2 samples/      
> > Also...stty intr ^C susp ^Z  no longer works...BTW...This stuff all works 
> > on the console...and it's OK if I rlogin or rsh...So, my guess is that 
> > libtelnet and/or telnetd is hosed.  Anybody?
> Inclosed is a man ls.

ls isn't at fault; somehow the tty modes are either fouled up or being
misinterpreted.  I've noticed that the interrupt character hasn't worked
for telnet for some time (mid-February sources, I forget when), though the
suspend character does work (and telnet SEND IP also works, so it isn't
signal handling).