Subject: One KUDOS, one bug...
To: None <>
From: Jason R. Thorpe <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/07/1994 18:34:47
First of all...YEAH CHARLES!  wd.c is finally working for 
least not crashing.  Here's what I get at boot time during the fsck...

wd1: wdstart: timeout waiting for unbusy: status d0<busy,seekdone> error 0
wdc0: busy too long, resetting
wdc0: extra interrupt

Then the drive light goes blinky-hyper and everything was fine.  I thought 
for sure I was going to loose something important, like wd0, but it was OK.

Charles...Is the the kind of debugging message you need to see?  Lemme 
know...I'll mail you details about my system if you need them... the bug...I was a happy tcsh user until I upgraded today (supped 
yesterday afternoon, built all night)...I open up a telnet window on my 
xterm, and log in...and do 'ls' and it looks like:

yuri (thorpej) ~ 12% ls
total 74
         2 Mailers/      2 amdstuff/     2 mail/         2 samples/      
2 viewers/
    2 News/      2 dev.note      2 mbone/        2 security/     2 xclients/
                                                                             2 Xfree/    2 gnu/          2 misc/         2 src/          2 xinetd/
YURI       2 images/        2 news/         2 sup/         34

It used to look like:
total 394              2 WpPost/           2 mbone/            2 rc.local*
   2 GNU/              2 auto.storm       28 mibtable          2 resumes/
   2 HNMS/             2 bin/              2 misc/             2 scripts/
   2 ISODE/           12        8 netgroup          2 storm/
   2 Isupport/         2 classes/        104 oids.c          142
   2 Mail/             2 dead.article     20 oids.h            2 uuencodes/
   2 Mailboxes/        2 images/           2 rand.c            6 xnetmon.conf
   6 News/             6 mail/            10 randpass*
(This example is obviously not from the same machine, but it IS what it 
used to look like :-) )

Also...stty intr ^C susp ^Z  no longer works...BTW...This stuff all works 
on the console...and it's OK if I rlogin or rsh...So, my guess is that 
libtelnet and/or telnetd is hosed.  Anybody?

Once again...thanx Charles for the wd.c work...It's nice having the other 
drive again...:-)


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