Subject: Big upgrade, need help!
To: None <>
From: Rafal Boni <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/06/1994 00:18:35
Hi all..

	I finally got sdome free time [meaning I'm stuck in my apt. over
	spring break... ;>] and though I would update to some version of
	current [Don't wince, but I'm mostly happily running 0.8].

	I grabbed the binary update stuff from agate and am about to leap in,
	but since I need to install new bootblocks and all, I would like
	to do a small test install before I blow away all my 0.8 stuff.

	Could someone here make me a boot floppy with a recent kernel and the
	new bootblocks?? I would do this myself, but it seems that 0.8 is
	not wanting to disklabel my floppies, and such wierdness.
	If these floppies were done on top of say the 0.9 install stuff, 
	that would be great, but as long as I can mount wd0a from them,
	I can set up a small install test on a second drive, then copy 
	stuff over from the boot drive...

						Thanks for the hand,

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