Subject: DOS and NetBSD on SCSI with cyl > 1024
To: None <>
From: Michael Graff <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/03/1994 19:29:07
Due to that ingenous (or is it insideous?) Microshaft, and as many of you
are aware, MessDOS can't use more than 1024 cylinders.

I'd like (for some really, really odd reason) to have a small (120M)
MessDOS partition on the 1G drive I just bought.

Under NetBSD, it's 1819 cyl 15 hd 77 sec/trk, but under DOS it claims
to be              1022 cyl 63 hd 32 sec/trk, which makes figguring out
where the DOS partition and the NetBSD partitons should reside.

Can anyone in a simular situation mail me the specifics, or can anyone
give me some clues?

I've tried to take the ending sector # Norton reports, dividing it by
1155 (77*15) and rounding up to the next partition, but this does not
seem to work.  :(

I'll be twiddling with this between classes and Magic the Gathering games.


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