Subject: Re: Snapshot Report - 26 Feb tar_files [groff reboots]
To: None <>
From: Dale Rahn <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/03/1994 11:13:06
Michael L. VanLoon  writes:
> Tim Chase writes:
> >Alistair Crooks reported recently that he was seeing spontaneous
> >reboots when manual pages were being formatted.  I just thought I'd
> >add that I'm seeing the same thing.
> [...]
> >Anybody else seeing this?  Is it really related to the memory usage
> >pattern of groff?
> I've rebuilt my entire source tree at least three times in the last
> few weeks (including man pages at least once, but some man pages on
> every build).  I have NOT had any spontaneous reboots at all, although
> my X server did spontaneously die once during a build.  I simply
> restarted X and everything worked peachy thereafter.  (The X server
> had been running for 3-4 days before it died).  I did not run out of
> swap (I have a 48meg swap partition).
I am a bit behind on "current" my source except for sys is Feb 19
and /usr/sys is Feb26.

I am having problems with the processes dieing of signal 10 and signal 11,
this include init twice, It seems strange receiving a message on all windows

Message from syslog@... 
Init: fatal error: Signal 10, ...

(this is from memory)

Then the machine nicely crashed in about 3 minutes depending on activity.

The only real strange thing about my system is that I have compiled
everything statically,

export NOPIC=
export LDSTATIC=-static

to build the system.

It seems that almost any process will die with these signals,
xterm and Xserver (XFree86 2.0 statically linked), my shell (pdksh 
recompiled with new libs), cc1, INIT, and others.

I have seen a couple spontainous reboots, but did not have any idea 
what happened

Have these spurious signals been seen by others, and has this been fixed

This machine was running 0.9 rock solidly until about a month ago
when I upgraded to current to support a SMD Elite 16 Ultra ethernet card.

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