Subject: Re: Snapshot Report - 26 Feb tar_files [groff reboots]
To: None <>
From: Tim Chase <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/03/1994 09:17:41

Alistair Crooks reported recently that he was seeing spontaneous
reboots when manual pages were being formatted.  I just thought I'd
add that I'm seeing the same thing.  I decided to do a complete build
last night and, as usual, I started it out with a NOMAN= on the make
line.  After awhile, I restarted it so it was just nroffing the man
pages.  I got about 5 spontaneous reboots and, after a point, it never
did it again.  Unfortunately I was never watching the screen when it
rebooted.  I re-built the kernel with yesterday's sup sources (Mar 2)
and with DDB turned on.  Unfortunately, the spontaneous reboots aren't
panics, the machine just reboots.

Machine info: 486DX2-66, 16MB RAM, BusLogic 454S SCSI (using the bt

I noticed that locore.s just changed yesterday.  I can't remember what
the change log said.  I wonder if I was being bitten by whatever was
changed in there?

Anybody else seeing this?  Is it really related to the memory usage
pattern of groff?

						- Tim Chase