Subject: daily CVS update output
To: None <source>
From: Charlie Root <root>
List: current-users
Date: 03/03/1994 03:09:09
Subject: sun-lamp CVS update output

Updating src and othersrc trees:

U src/games/factor/factor.c
U src/gnu/usr.bin/gcc2/arch/m68k/aux-output.c
U src/gnu/usr.bin/gcc2/arch/m68k/m68k.h
U src/gnu/usr.bin/gcc2/cc/gcc.c
U src/lib/libc/rpc/xdr_float.c
U src/sys/arch/i386/i386/locore.s
U src/sys/arch/i386/isa/if_ed.c
U src/sys/arch/i386/isa/if_edreg.h
U src/sys/arch/i386/isa/if_el.c
U src/sys/arch/i386/isa/sb.c
U src/sys/arch/i386/isa/wd.c
U src/sys/arch/i386/isa/wdreg.h
U src/sys/arch/sparc/sparc/conf.c
U src/sys/isofs/isofs_rrip.c
U src/sys/isofs/isofs_vnops.c
U src/sys/msdosfs/bpb.h
U src/sys/msdosfs/denode.h
U src/sys/msdosfs/direntry.h
U src/sys/msdosfs/msdosfs_conv.c
U src/sys/msdosfs/msdosfs_denode.c
U src/sys/msdosfs/msdosfs_lookup.c
U src/sys/msdosfs/msdosfs_vnops.c
U src/usr.bin/ranlib/build.c
U src/usr.bin/ranlib/misc.c
U src/usr.bin/ranlib/ranlib.c
U src/usr.bin/ranlib/touch.c

Running the SUP scanner:

SUP Scan for current starting at Thu Mar  3 03:04:43 1994
SUP Scan for current completed at Thu Mar  3 03:07:01 1994
SUP Scan for mirror starting at Thu Mar  3 03:07:02 1994
SUP Scan for mirror completed at Thu Mar  3 03:09:08 1994