Subject: Re: Multiple net interfaces
To: Ken Hornstein <>
From: David Greenman <davidg@Root.COM>
List: current-users
Date: 03/01/1994 17:40:13
>>I don't know if I would say "won't gain anything", I imagine there would be
>>some speed up, although after calculating, it probably wouldn't be anywhere
>>close to double..  This was really meant to be used in a SLIP/PPP situation.
>As Charles has already pointed out, if you have two reasonable ethernet cards
>on the same wire, you won't gain anything, and you'll probably decrease overall
>performance.  I'm not sure what method you're using to calculate this, or if
>perhaps you're thinking of a different situation.

   So don't use the same wire.

>>Right.  So does the Livingston Portmaster Terminal Server, but I don't have
>>one of those, hence the question.  Somehow, there must be a way to connect
>>two SLIP/PPP devices to a dial-up SLIP/PPP provider and have 2*(modem speed)
>>throughput (or more!).
>Oh, there's certainly a way; but can you do it without a lot of kernel hacking?
>I don't think so.

   I looked into doing this some time ago and found that trying to implement
this at the routing level would be quite challenging. A better approach I found
was to create a virtual network device that talks to the physical devices and
does the appropriate load balancing.