Subject: Re: Multiple net interfaces
To: Robert Shady <>
From: Greg S. Burd <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/01/1994 17:23:51
I have done a great deal of work with network interfaces such as SLIP and  
PPP, but I have not had the pleasure of trying out gated.  So use that to  
gage my answers to the questions below.  :-)

	Question #1: 

	If you have multiple interfaces to the same network, is there a
	way to load-level between them?  Eg:  If I have two ethernet
	interfaces to the Internet on one machine, will it use both
	interfaces equally therefor effectively doubling my throughput?

Packets are routed over network interfaces, such as /dev/en0 and /dev/ppp0,  
via a routing table.  The routing table specifies an IP address, or subnet  
and an network interface.  When a packet is being routed, a netmask is  
applied to a packet's destination address.  If the packet is bound for a  
remote network, then the interface it is sent over is the first entry in the  
routing table which describes that address.  So unless your two ethernet  
cards are talking to different subnets, and you have a routing table which  
describes that situation, all packets will be routed over one of the two  
ethernet cards.  There will be no speed.

	Question #2:
	Is the above possible with multiple SLIP/PPP interfaces?  

Same problem here, simply a different network interface, /dev/ppp0 rather  
than /dev/en0.

	Question #3:
	Would each interface have a separate IP address, or share one?  

 	Any examples on how to set this up? 

Each network interface has an IP address.  Sometimes it is useful to have two  
network interfaces have the same IP address, sometimes it is a problem.

	Question #4:
	Anybody have GATED configuration examples?

I haven't had the pleasure of playing with gated, it could vary well do  
exactly what you want it to (i.e. split outgoing traffic between interfaces).

	Question #5:
	Anybody have INN setup & configured for NetBSD?  I have the source
	compiled, just a little bit confused as to how to actually get the
	news onto my system.  Anyone that could outline the steps necessary
	to physically get news ONTO my system, and allow users to read it
	via NN would be worshiped...

No time to do this yet.  Soon... :-)

	Question #6:
	Anybody getting tired of these questions? ;-)

Nope, keep 'em comming!  :-)

- greg

Greg Burd
Marble Associates, Inc.

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