Subject: Re: Multiple net interfaces
To: Robert Shady <>
From: Peter Galbavy <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/01/1994 20:06:02
> Question #3:
> 	Would each interface have a seperate IP address, or share one?  
>  	Any examples on how to set this up? 

What saved me when I went on the 'net, was the "alias"es for
the interfaces... makes multihomed hosts easy, and great for routers:

Anyone know how many aliases that can be used at once (for routing) ?

> Question #5:
> 	Anybody have INN setup & configured for NetBSD?  I have the source
> 	compiled, just a little bit confused as to how to actually get the
> 	news onto my system.  Anyone that could outline the steps necessary
> 	to physically get news ONTO my system, and allow users to read it
> 	via NN would be worshiped...

INN goes well, I will put a file on
*soon*. I am about to eat dinner :-)

Also, an msync() needs adding in innd/icd.c:

	**  Write the active file out.
	#if	defined(ACT_MMAP)
->	    if (msync(ICDactpointer, 0) == -1)
->		syslog(L_ERROR, "%s cant msync", LogName);

Otherwise its easy.

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