Subject: Re: dial in on NetBSD-current
To: Achim Patzner <>
From: Bert Driehuis <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/01/1994 10:12:29
>Well... As you don't have separate dial-in and dial-out devices you should
>expect this behaviour.
I've always found the SunOS dual setup (even discounting their weirdo
naming scheme for cua0/ttyd0/ttyb) a pain to set up and maintain. BSD/386
solves this quite neatly in one device, which can be set to clocal for
outgoing use, while a getty is waiting on the device for carrier (the getty
open doesn't block an open in clocal mode, but the clocally opened device
does block the getty until the device is closed again). I'm not saying the
BSD/386 1.0 implementation is without any problems, but it sure beats the
SunOS way of doing things.

I haven't even looked into this thing in the NetBSD implementation, but
heck, that won't keep me from giving my two cents!

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