Subject: bugs on NFS mount
To: None <>
From: Yeng-Chee Su <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/27/1994 15:07:02
     I've just met a trouble on NFS.  I set up a 486DX-33 running NetBSD
currnet to be a router for 140.113.17 and 140.113.235.  The both side IP
is and  Both card are 3c503/16bit and the
kernel date is feb14.  When I mount the file system on the other network,
for example mount, the system just screw
up.  No prompt any more.  When I try to telnet it with other site, the 
system tell me all network port are in used.  This happened on NetBSD/sparc
too.  All these machines are running NetBSD.  I have not tried other system
to mount the server, so I don't know it's the server or client's problem.
Have anyone happened too?

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