Subject: SCSI disks & controllers
To: None <>
From: Douglas K. Rand <rand@Aero.UND.NoDak.Edu>
List: current-users
Date: 02/26/1994 13:17:58
Enough people have been telling me to dump my IDE drives/controllers
and go to SCSI for NetBSD, so OK, here I go. I'll get rid of my 3 IDE
disks (2x200 Mb 1x540 Mb) and the caching IDE controller and get all

So, which controller to get? I've got a local bus mother board and I'd
like to take advantage of it. From what I hear on the list, it sounds
like the Ultrastore 34F and the Bus Logic 445S are the controllers of
choice. Anybody have any suggestions on these, or others. They are
priced with in about $10-$20 of each other. (34f: $242  445s: $249)

Also, which drives (if any) do people suggest? I was looking at a 1.7
Gbyte Micropolis (mc2217s) drive for $1099. Does anybody have any
suggestions or comments. Will I have any problems with a 1.7 Gbyte
drive? (I do still need about 500 Mbytes for DOS/Windows. Sigh.) Or
should I be looking at two seperate drives? 

PS: I like this method of fixing wd.c! ;-) 


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