Subject: Re: ft integration anyone?
To: Lee Essen <>
From: Michael Graff <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/26/1994 09:13:05
>Is anyone working on integrating the ft (floppy tape) driver into -current?
>I've managed to get the driver in without too many problems, although 
>there are a few complaints about not supporting device 2. I haven't got
>any formatted tapes to check it with. (It whirs a bit and then hangs
>in disk-wait with an unformatted tape!)
>If nobody is doing this, I'll *try* to do it 'properly'.

I made my first backup last night.  :)
I have a Colorado Memory Systems Jumbo 250.  I can't seem to use command
lines like
	tar zxvf - /usr | ftfilt "/usr"
but whithout the z (compression) it works perfectly.

This driver needs a good deal of cleaning up at least.  I can mail anyone
the source I've got.

Wanna start a team of workers?  :)  It's a good feeling to have backups  :)


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