Subject: RRS Relocation Entry
To: None <>
From: John F. Woods <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/25/1994 11:09:27
Last night, I tried upgrading from mid-January sources to Feb. 24 sources.
(Starting from the Feb 19 tars, and ftp'd changes since.)  First I
installed the new share/mk files, then the new header files, then I
built and installed new libraries (including a 387 libm) (first
src/lib, then src/gnu/lib), then built and installed ld, gas, and then
gcc.  Then, as a test, I compiled gawk (as long as I was in src/gnu),
and got a raft of RRS Relocation Entry complaints from ld, all
complaining about routines in libm.  These disappeared if I linked
gawk statically (of course), and re-appeared when i relinked normally.
I then rebuilt all the libraries (this time with the latest compiler
parts), and gawk built and linked without complaint.

The questions I have:

(1) Was that, in fact, the correct solution to the problem, or have I
just hidden whatever the problem was?  I'd like to understand this
before I proceed to hose the rest of my system.  (Which, of course, I
fully expect to do; I just want to have NEW and EXCITING problems, not
BORING, OLD problems :-).

(2) What does the complaint from ld mean?  What is an RRS Relocation Entry,
and why is it so noteworthy?