Subject: SUP saga continues...
To: None <>
From: Lee Essen <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/25/1994 14:52:55
In the never ending struggle to get a sup of 'src' before the line drops
I've come up with the following solution, can someone let me know if it's
feasible (and send me the items required!)

1. get a tar file of 'src' (I only need usr.bin and usr.sbin, the rest
                            was done before the line dropped).

2. get some kind soul to send me the sup when.src file with a suitable date
   on it. (Could be a few days/weeks old??)

How does that idea sound?  It's got to be better than hoping my 14.4K dial-
up PPP link will stay up for ten hours! 

Anyone proving helpful will receive a virtual pint of lager via return
email. (While stocks last!)

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