Subject: Re: error compiling microtime.s
To: John Vinopal <>
From: None <bachesta@genesis.Data-IO.COM>
List: current-users
Date: 02/24/1994 15:09:35
>I can't get the kernel compiled due to this error:
>gabriella% make
>cpp -I. -DLOCORE -I. -I../../../../arch -I../../../.. -I../../../../sys -DGABRIELLA -DI386_CPU -DSYMTAB_SPACE=66000 -DCOMPAT_NOMID -DFIFO -DMSDOSFS -DFDESC -DKERNFS -DDUMMY_NOPS -DCOMPAT_43 -DGATEWAY -DINET -DKERNEL -Di386 ../../../../arch/i386/i386/microtime.s | as  -o microtime.o
>../../../../arch/i386/i386/microtime.s:46:Unknown pseudo-op:  '.type'
>../../../../arch/i386/i386/microtime.s:46:Rest of line ignored. 1st junk character valued 95 (_).
>*** Error code 1
>Turns out this is a line in asm.h
>#define _ENTRY(x)       .globl x; .type x,@function; x:
>What to do?


I had this problem this morining. I just resupped and than did a 
make clean in the kernel build directory. 


Jim Bachesta