Subject: Missing tp_astring.c in includes? Me or out-of-sync...
To: None <>
From: Root of all Evil <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/23/1994 06:47:48
Is this a bug, or am I screwed up again?  Maybe I should just re-sup the whole
tree again...

Compiling "netstat", this is what I get:

rm -f .depend /home/sup/netbsd/src/usr.bin/netstat/tags
rm -f a.out [Ee]rrs mklog core netstat inet.o if.o main.o mbuf.o mroute.o route.o unix.o ns.o iso.o 
cc -O -I/sys -DNS -DISO  -c /home/sup/netbsd/src/usr.bin/netstat/inet.c
cc -O -I/sys -DNS -DISO  -c /home/sup/netbsd/src/usr.bin/netstat/if.c
cc -O -I/sys -DNS -DISO  -c /home/sup/netbsd/src/usr.bin/netstat/main.c
cc -O -I/sys -DNS -DISO  -c /home/sup/netbsd/src/usr.bin/netstat/mbuf.c
cc -O -I/sys -DNS -DISO  -c /home/sup/netbsd/src/usr.bin/netstat/mroute.c
cc -O -I/sys -DNS -DISO  -c /home/sup/netbsd/src/usr.bin/netstat/route.c
cc -O -I/sys -DNS -DISO  -c /home/sup/netbsd/src/usr.bin/netstat/unix.c
cc -O -I/sys -DNS -DISO  -c /home/sup/netbsd/src/usr.bin/netstat/ns.c
cc -O -I/sys -DNS -DISO  -c /home/sup/netbsd/src/usr.bin/netstat/iso.c
/home/sup/netbsd/src/usr.bin/netstat/iso.c:85: netiso/tp_astring.c: No such file or directory
*** Error code 1


And of course, there is no /usr/include/netiso/tp_astring.c in my include