Subject: Drive costs (was wd.c problems)
To: Simon J. Gerraty <>
From: Luke Mewburn <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/23/1994 18:34:47
> Wrong country.  Here in Australia, a quantum 1Gb disk would have cost
> me $2500 after sales tax (21%).  The IBM disk cost $1500.
> Everything costs more here often up to twice the price... (ignoring 
> dollar conversion rates).  The last disk I bought was a Maxtor 535, it cost 
> me $2200 only 9 months ago.

We just got quoted from ComNet in Sydney the following price (in $AUS)
for a Seagate Elite-9 (9GB fast wide scsi):
	$5040 ex tax  ==  $6100 inc tax.

Seems they can't ship till mid march, but I reckon that's a bloody
good price. We're buying three at that price :)

Back to the original subject: I found that the new wd.c stuffed
up with my Quantum 240 when the timeout was 400000, but increasing
this to 800000 solved the problems. (Note that I had the problems
with the Q240 as the sole drive, and when I had the Q240 running dos
as drive 0 and a WDC 340 with netbsd as drive 1).
Yeah, wd.c is like fd.c - needs work but who's going to do it.

PS: i've been looking at the fd.c code of netbsd & of the infamous
J.Monroy Jr. His code is 6x the size (mainly comments and shitty
formatting style) for what appears to be a bugger all gain. If I can
get access to some Nec765 docs I'll try & work out why 720K in a 1.4MB
drive is stuffed.

PPS: my cleanup and general fix of mtools is just about finished.
Gotta `portabilize' the timezone code and maybe provide support for
large dos partitions (>32MB), and then I'll release it to the net at
large (an unoffical, yet enhanced release ;)  More later.


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