Subject: Re: Feb 12 wd.c: lost interrupt - ouch!
To: None <>
From: Simon J. Gerraty <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/23/1994 10:06:19
Well, to continue the saga...
I picked up an IBM OEM 1Gb disk yesterday - quite nice and about $1k cheaper
than other 1Gb disks I'd looked at.
I worked out some partitions, labeled, newfs'd etc etc and
imediately moved /usr onto it :-)

Then I went to re-do the Feb12 upgrade.

> I left zen restoring /usr from tape, and I've just ordered

Unfortunately the restore from tape was not 100% successful.  As I feared 
restore never got to see the last few blocks of the tape and so entered
a mindless loop wanting the next volume and eventually barfed.  The net result was that cc and a few other crucial files were missing.  
I had this same bug with the scsi drivers in 386bsd until Julian's 
August 93 version of new drivers arrived.

I'd really like to be able to restore from my backup tapes.
I've heard that there are new scsi drivers in "the magnum branch".
I think I've asked before but, what and where can I find this wonderous new
branch.  I'm happy to do the work to integrate the new scsi drivers into
the i386 tree...

Failing that I'll just hack in the August 93 drivers I have from 386bsd.

Anyway, with an extra 1Gb of disk space handy, I was able to unpack 0.9 
and use cc etc from that to bootstrap -current again.

I don't know how I ever lived with less than 2Gig of disk :-)


Oh and to answer the question:  I have no idea what brand the IDE controller
or disk were - they were in the PC when I got it and I just used it
as a quick and easy boot disk.  I have yet to actually try booting from
one of my scsi disks on this system.

I have to re-arrange some scsi id's as id 0 is currently my oldest drive 
(380Mb maxtor) and occasionally does not want to spin up - not good for a boot
disk :-), so I'll make the 535Mb maxtor the boot disk.