Subject: Re: Feb 12 wd.c: lost interrupt - ouch!
To: Michael Graff <>
From: Jason R. Thorpe <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/22/1994 13:14:53
On Tue, 22 Feb 1994, Michael Graff wrote:

> > > > 	WD.C IS BADLY BROKEN!!!!!!

Not badly...just a little...:-)

> I have a Connor IDE, and it works fine.  I have a Segate which does not, but
> runs like a champ under DOS, and USED to like NetBSD.

Here is my situation...I have a Western Dig Caviar (250 meg) that works 
_GREAT_, but an old Seagate (42meg) that has a _SLOW_ access time...My 
first thought was that the access times are so different (13ms as opposed 
to 40ms) that the driver just got really confused when it tried to talk 
to that drive...I tried several hacks...From Theo's to just changing the 
timeout value...I blew away several /usr partitions in the 
process...Thank goodness for backups!

I plan on getting together with a friend of mine and taking a hard look 
into the wd drivers...Peeking through the Linux and the BSDI code, 
looking for that might make the NetBSD ones flaky...

> If I had a spare machine to tinker with, I'd start hacking on the wd driver.
> I may anyway, but I'll be installing my big IDE in a roomate's machine first
> so I don't loose everything.  ;)

This is a problem for me too...My NetBSD machine serves several large 
mailing lists...I can't afford for it to be down for long periods of time 
whilst I muck with the kernel...Oh well, you only libe once!  :-)


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