Subject: Re: Feb 12 wd.c: lost interrupt - ouch!
To: Drew Hess <dhess@CS.Stanford.EDU>
From: Michael Graff <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/22/1994 12:49:09
> > > 	WD.C IS BADLY BROKEN!!!!!!
> Knock on wood, but I've been running -current/i386 with an IDE drive since
> day one and I've never had *any* problems with my IDE drive.  I've been
> using NetBSD-current since June or so (whenever 0.9 was released).

I have a Connor IDE, and it works fine.  I have a Segate which does not, but
runs like a champ under DOS, and USED to like NetBSD.

If I had a spare machine to tinker with, I'd start hacking on the wd driver.
I may anyway, but I'll be installing my big IDE in a roomate's machine first
so I don't loose everything.  ;)


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