Subject: Re: Feb 12 wd.c: lost interrupt - ouch!
To: Simon J. Gerraty <>
From: Dirk Steinberg <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/22/1994 09:31:13
>>>>> "Simon" == Simon J Gerraty <> writes:

    Simon> I got an error msg that /usr/MHSnet/_messages was not a
    Simon> directory...  A look at the console window showed:

    Simon> "wd0: lost interrupt status 58 ??? 0"

    Simon> I think that's right, except I can't recall the ??? bit.

    Simon> I noticed that several directories under MHSnet were gone
    Simon> or in deep shit.  So I though a reboot and fsck was in
    Simon> order.

    Simon> All filesystems were ok except that fsck -p refused to
    Simon> touch /usr

    Simon> Running fsck manually it said that i-nodes 1558 through
    Simon> 1610 were partially allocated, so I cleared them.  (1558
    Simon> happend to be /usr/sbin :-)

    Simon> I had seen folk report about damaged i-nodes and lost
    Simon> filesystems, but had never suffered them myself.  I've been
    Simon> running -current since November and before that 386bsd
    Simon> since Feb 93, while I had to press the reset button a few
    Simon> times due to wd.c hanging (I assume), I've never suffered
    Simon> any serious file system damage until now.

    Simon> At present I boot off a 120Mb IDE drive and have about 1Gb
    Simon> of SCSI drives that hold everything else.

    Simon> I did try rebuilding a kernel with the Nov20 wd.c in it,
    Simon> but it would not compile.  I figured an occasional hang
    Simon> requiring a reset was less hassle than trashed filesystems.

    Simon> Has any work been done on wd.c in the last week or so?

Welcome to the club. You are the fourth one I know of (including me)
who suffers from that really bad bug in wd.c that everyone keeps
telling me is my defective hardware. It's not.


There were some posts on this subject the last few week, so you might
want to read them, although this won't help much. There is no fix. I
suspect that this bug is a "feature" of -current, i.e. it hasn't
happened to me with 0.9. I'm not too sure on this, because I used 0.9
only to upgrade to -current, so I didn't use it extensively.

    Simon> I left zen restoring /usr from tape, and I've just ordered
    Simon> a 1Gb SCSI disk...  I'll take the IDE drive out for now so
That's the only thing you can do. This also won't work for me, since
the IDE is my only drive; well there are floppies, also.......

What type of IDE drive/controller do you have?

    Simon> that I can boot off one of the SCSI disks.  Then start
    Simon> building again.

    Simon> Apart from the wd.c stuff, Feb12-current seems ok!

    Simon> --sjg


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