Subject: Fried /usr partition while updating to -current
To: None <>
From: Douglas K. Rand <rand@Aero.UND.NoDak.Edu>
List: current-users
Date: 02/19/1994 16:14:50
My mother told me not to use anything but released software! ;-)

I was in the process of upgrading to a -current system when the
kernel (from -current, about 2-13) started spouting:

wd1: lost interrupt - status d2, error 1
wdc0: busy too long, resetting
wdc0: failed to reset controller

over and over and over. So I reset the machine, and when it booted
back up /usr was toast. Right now /usr/libexec/getty doesn't exist! 

What I had accomplished was a complete build of both the kernel and
the executables with out shared libraries. I was in the process of
rebuilding the system with shared libraries, when this happened.

Should I try again? I think I'll have to reload the binaries (I
remember something about -[semi]current binaries somewhere) from 0.9
and upgrade again. Or should I just jump out the window and get it
over with?

I'm using a Promise Technology DC4030 local bus caching IDE controller
with a Maxtor 540 disk drive. 

[I guess when you send this to owner-current-users it doesn't get
forwarded to the rest of the list. Blush!]

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