Subject: A couple problems...
To: None <>
From: Robert Shady <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/18/1994 08:56:05
I am still having a couple problems, found some bugs, etc..

1) Using NE/2000 cards, I seem to get lockups when NFS mounting the other
   file system.  Once in a while it works okay.  Maybe outdated software, 
   so I am recompiling the entire current tree as of this yesterday morning

2) Doing a "MAKEDEV all" in /dev as a normal user will quite nicely KILL
   your system.  You can no longer login as ANYBODY, and the system will
   no longer boot.  You MUST boot from a floppy and pray...

3) Still having a problem with the Mitsumi CD-Rom driver getting the 
   "Xmcd0 undefined" error when linking the kernel.  It looks like I might
   have to kill a couple hours tracking this one down myself, since nobody
   else is having the problem.  If someone that is running current with
   the mitsumi CD-Rom drive could send me their kernel config file, I'd
   appreciate it.

4) What is the best way to have multiple machines share the same password
   file?  I don't have any Suns on the network, they are all NetBSD machines.
   Is there a PD "yp" implementation or "NIS" implementation available?  
   Should I just "rcp" the /etc/passwd and /etc/group files every night?
   Should I NFS mount the /etc/passwd file?

5) Still having a problem with using machine A as a gateway to the internet.
      Machine A:          Machine B:
      486/40 VLB          386/33
      16 MB RAM           4 MB RAM
      Slip to Inet        
      NE/2000 Ether       NE/2000 Ether

   I want to be able to telnet directly from machine B to a host on the
   internet.  I haven't tried gated yet, in fear of the setup.  If someone
   has any idea, or help they can offer with the configuration, that'd be

													-- Rob Shady --