Subject: Re: port of CAP (Columbia appletalk protocol)?
To: None <>
From: Bert Driehuis <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/18/1994 11:10:54
>A colleague here is looking for a port of CAP or similar software for
>netbsd or freebsd.  Has anyone tried porting it?
>I'm told that on suns it uses the the /dev/nit interface which would
>be significantly different on *BSD.  Rich
I have hacked up the native ethertalk support to slightly work. I.e., this
thing actually talked to a CAP server on a Sun using native ethertalk
(EtherTalk II), and the sun is known to talk to real Macs via EtherTalk
PhaseII, so it *should* work, but since I don't have a working SCSI
Ethernet for my Macs at home I couldn't test it any further...

Drop me a line if you want the diffs.

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