Subject: Re: Still Keyboard Hang?? - IBM PS/ValuePoints status
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/18/1994 07:59:50
In article <> "John C. Hayward" write:
>   I had reported on my Gateway 2000 4DX-33V and now the 
>IBM PS/ValuePoint the following keyboard hang relative to various 
>parts of pccons (in pcprobe):
>					  Gateway    IBM PS/ValuePoint
>Keyboard present check disabled(current)     Hang                 Hang
>Keyboard check enabled (Mark Weaver - sugg)  Hang		  Hang
>Keyboard reset and check disabled         No Hang	       No Hang

I have Gateway 2000 4DX2-66V. I made a few extra experiment and found
the problem disappear when I disable all checks after keyboard reset.
Yoshinari Inoue