Subject: Re: Still Keyboard Hang?? - IBM PS/ValuePoints status
To: John C. Hayward <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/17/1994 16:52:50
>    I had reported on my Gateway 2000 4DX-33V and now the 
> IBM PS/ValuePoint the following keyboard hang relative to various 
> parts of pccons (in pcprobe):
> 					  Gateway    IBM PS/ValuePoint
> Keyboard present check disabled(current)     Hang                 Hang
> Keyboard check enabled (Mark Weaver - sugg)  Hang		  Hang
> Keyboard reset and check disabled         No Hang	       No Hang

Are you sure you applied my patch correctly?  My patch reverts it to
the way it was before (which no one had a problem with).  Furthermore,
my patch completely fixed the problem for me and others.

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