Subject: pcvt patch beta 14 -> beta 16 available for ftp
To: NetBSD-current Users <>
From: Hellmuth Michaelis <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/17/1994 16:50:48
	A patch bringing pcvt beta 14 to pcvt beta 16 has been made
	available on the anonymous FTP server: ( 

	The original pcvt beta 14 is still available from the same location
	as file pcvt-b14.tar.gz.

	This diff contains some bugfixes, updates for NetBSD-current as
	of February 5th (and  12th) and fixes for more speed under NetBSD;
	pcvt should now come close(r) to the output speed of pccons.

	Please delete file Util/ after applying the patch and
	copy or link file Util/<YourBSD> to Util/

	I would like to thank Dave Nelson (
	from the DePaul University in Chicago who made this possible!


Hellmuth Michaelis    HCS Hanseatischer Computerservice GmbH    Hamburg, Europe
                                 #define BSD4_4 0.5  (NetBSD 0.9 <sys/param.h>)