Subject: Re: Still Keyboard Hang?? - New Twist
To: None <>
From: John C. Hayward <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/17/1994 09:33:51
johnh complaining I _still_ have a problem:
> >    My results of using both the binary snapshot kernel as well as
> > one which I built _still_ have the problem with the keyboard hang.
Mark saying for him the code segment must be enabled:
> You got the report backwards.  Actually, the code you mention has to
> be ENABLED for the Gateway keyboards to work.  The problem occurred
> when they disabled the code.
> I think they are going to hold off committing a fix until a proper fix
> can be found (one that doesn't require the keyboard to be plugged in
> on boot).
> 	Mark
I have tried with and without the code segment which checks for the 
keyboard presence and on my machine and I _still_ got the keyboard hang.

Since Mark had focused the problem in that area I tried DISABLING the
reset code completely, not just the segment checking for the keyboard
presence.  To my surprise and joy I discovered that my Gateway did boot
_without_ keyboard hang.  There was at least one observable downside:
The numeric lock indicator is on during the whole booting process and
to turn off numeric lock indicator the first time requires two keystrokes.

I propose this as a potential workaround solution those who have enabled the 
keyboard presence check and still observe key board hangs.