Subject: i386 binary snapshot.
To: None <current-users@sun-lamp.CS.Berkeley.EDU>
From: Chris G. Demetriou <cgd@postgres.Berkeley.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 02/15/1994 22:29:15
below is the readme of the (new) directory

These files are also on  sup mirrors will get them
automatically via the "all", "arch", or "arch-i386" releases of the
"mirror" collection.

have a ball, and remember that these have been only (very)
lightly tested.

This is a binary snapshot, created from the NetBSD-current sources
as of midday, 2/15/94.  They should be used in the same was as all
-current sources: VERY CAREFULLY, and only by those who know what
they're doing.  [Looking at it quickly, I see some things wrong
right off the bat; some of the permissions in usr/share/lkm are wrong.]

These binaries were compiled from SCRATCH, installed on a machine here,
and seem to run OK.  I then did a "make distribution" and tarred up
various directories.

Here's a list of the files in this snapshot, as well as their contents:

File:		 Ungzipped Size:	Contents:
-----		 ---------------	---------
bin.tar.gz		 1781760	/bin
dev.tar.gz		  143360	/dev
etc.tar.gz		  245760	/etc, .profile, .cshrc, /root,
					    /mnt, /tmp
sbin.tar.gz		 2734080	/sbin
usr.bin.tar.gz		 7147520	/usr/bin	 1495040	/usr/games
usr.include.tar.gz	 2805760	/usr/include
usr.lib.tar.gz		 4413440	/usr/lib
usr.libexec.tar.gz	 4136960	/usr/libexec
usr.misc.tar.gz		   30720	/usr/mdec, prototype /usr/local,
					    prototype /usr/src,
					    prototype /usr/obj
usr.sbin.tar.gz	 	 1669120	/usr/sbin
usr.share.tar.gz	15554560	/usr/share
var.tar.gz		   51200	/var

Additionally, the following -current kernel binaries are provided:
	netbsd-aha	NetBSD kernel, which includes support for
			(among many other things) the aha driver.
			Generated from the GENERICAHA config file.
	netbsd-ahbbt	NetBSD kernel, which includes support for
			(among many other things) the ahb and bt
			drivers.  Generated from the GENERICAHABBT
			config file.

Checksums of the various files are available in the file CKSUMS.

Good luck!