Subject: Re: Starting to SUP
To: Lee Essen <>
From: Andrew Wheadon <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/14/1994 13:59:59
> I thought I'de start SUPing from now on, so I got 'supkit' from agate
> and just fired it up with '-v -f supfile.netbsd', it said getting all
> changes since Jan 1 1970.
It does this once, then after that it only sups the changes. You will
find that it should only print out Upgrading ie. it doesn't actually
transfer the file it just changes the time and access etc. Yes it's
slow but still faster than Receiving files.
One thing, if you start getting allsrc, you shouldn't one day
switch to src,regress etc. as it creates a last.* and when.* file
for each release and doesn't check to see whether a file was
allready checked by a previous release.
Since you are on a ppp line I'd advise that you don't try getting
but instead get src,ksrc etc seperately so that it doesn't hurt so
much if it gets stopped halfway. (when this happens it ignores everything
that happened during that scan so in your case it will go back to
the 1.jan.1970)

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