Subject: Starting to SUP
To: None <>
From: Lee Essen <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/14/1994 11:07:35
I've just upgraded from 0.9 to -current (040294 I think), which went
'fairly' smoothly thanks to the various upgrade comments that have been

I thought I'de start SUPing from now on, so I got 'supkit' from agate
and just fired it up with '-v -f supfile.netbsd', it said getting all
changes since Jan 1 1970.

I wouldn't mind, but I've got a dial-up ($$$) ppp (thanks to -current)
link and could do with as little traffic as possible.

Can anyone give me some guidelines about setting it up to only SUP files
that have changed? Do I have to do some form of scan?

Any help greatly appreciated,


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