Subject: fdlibm based math library has been integrated
To: None <>
From: J.T. Conklin <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/11/1994 10:54:27
Just to warn you all, the fdlibm derrived math library has been
integrated into -current.

Here are the things I have left to do:

	1. Add rcs id's

	2. Update documentation to reflect library:  Describing how
	   to switch between ANSI/XOPEN/SVID/IEEE compliance, etc.
	3. Enable assembly/fpu versions of functions.  I think I have
	   the m68881 code from the old library converted into what is
	   needed for the new.  I'd appreciate it if anyone with a 68k
	   box could uncomment the .PATH in ~/libm/Makefile and tell
	   me if it works.

	   Doing the same for the i386/i387 is a bit more difficult,
	   since our emulator is so feeble.  

	4. Add whatever PIC stuff to the assembly code necessary to
	   make it possible for the math library to be shared.

	   If shared math library is possible, it would be possible
	   for people with i387's or i486's to compile a shared
	   version of the math library that uses the FPU.

After you sup, it may be a good time to recompile Ghostscript, etc.