Subject: small kernels (was: 'nother idea: /kern/unix...)
To: None <>
From: Tim Chase <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/11/1994 09:32:23
Regarding (from cgd):

> optional, as should be *all* of the "real networking protocol" code.
> unfortunately, right now they're not.

I have been trying to build small kernels recently.  I realize it's
a far cry from removing all the "rnp" code, but for starters,
the file igmp.c shouldn't be standard.  If you build a kernel
without INET, igmp.o references a few undefined things.

Also, if building a kernel withoug the 4.3 compatibility,
the file tty.c references TIOCHPCL.  It looks like that
case in ttioctl can go away without COMPAT_43 since all it
does is translate it into HUPCL.

The resulting small kernel I built worked just fine, although
ash complained that it couldn't do job control without the
"new" tty driver.  Tcsh worked just fine (including job control).
I was also happy to see that nvi worked properly.

					- Tim Chase

PS: I had no reason other than curiosity for trying to build
a tiny kernel.