Subject: New set of shared XFree86 2.0 binaries & lib
To: None <>
From: Matthieu Herrb <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/10/1994 09:55:42
I rebuilt a full XFree86 2.0 tree under -current of the 2/2.

I make them available in 

Here is the README I wrote:

This is provided with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.


This is a set of XFree82 2.0 binaries for NetBSD-current,
using shared libraries. 

They were compiled using the 02/02/94 current version.

I try to update them every week or two.

All tar files are done from the /usr/X386 directory. (to unpack, go in
the /usr/X386 directory and type ``tar xzvf XFree86-2.0-*.tar.gz'').

All shared libraries have a version number of 2.0 to match the XFree86


XFree86-2.0-SVGA.tar.gz		- Generic SVGA server
XFree86-2.0-Mono.tar.gz		- Monochrome server
XFree86-2.0-8514.tar.gz		- ibm 8514 server
XFree86-2.0-Mach32.tar.gz	- Mach32 server
XFree86-2.0-Mach8.tar.gz	- Mach 8 server
XFree86-2.0-S3.tar.gz		- S3 server

XFree86-2.0-bin.tar.gz		- binaries (clients + font server)
XFree86-2.0-demos.tar.gz	- demos

XFree86-2.0-shared-lib.tar.gz	- shared libraries
XFree86-2.0-static-lib.tar.gz	- static libraries
XFree86-2.0-config.tar.gz	- lib/X11 stuff (without fonts)